Saturday, 30 August 2014

Flower Granny Square

It's Saturday and everything goes a little slow at home.  Don't have to wake up before 6 o'clock is a nice thing once in a while.

I was browsing at some pages in face book that I liked and come across Dada's Place where she share about her crochet designs and I am totally in love with her blanket that is the Flower Granny Square blanket.  And I just happen to have some of the same color she use in her tutorial.

Here are some of the squares that I made, am very happy with the result.

I used hilla cotton yarn from teetee, it's Finnish yarn and they come in great color.

Have a nice weekend everyone ......

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

CAL deken week 18

Yes, I am behind with the CAL blanket project but slowly catching up.
Have another blanket in the making also but I will tell you all in another post.  This one is actually now already in week 32, I have just print the rest of the pattern and crocheting slowly but sure everyday now.

Here it is I finally add some bold color as I thought it looks so cold, I just use any acrylic yarn I have at hand and add some new color when I see some are nearly gone.  So this blanket may have finish in colors differently from when I start it.

I still love how it turns our, maybe because I am making it myself .... 

Anyway, more next week on this blanket ... let's see how far I will managed to do this week.