Monday, 10 June 2013

a little lady bug

I went with Niko, my first son to the shop to get some ice cream and milk, on the way back we saw some cute lady bugs on a couple of leaves and I just had to take a picture of it.
i love lady bugs since i was a small girl.

my sweet lady bug

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lacy Bolero in blue

Last week I finish the Lacy Bolero from Simply Crochet magazine issue 3, there was some error in the pattern or I don't understand it.  Anyway after some emails to and from the editor of the magazine, we got the revised one (maybe just for those who has been asking for it).

I use Finnish yarn Rose (mohair) from Novita to make this in blue and it turns out very nice.  The yarn has sequins on it so it gave some sparkle to the bolero.

Chocolate chip cookies ala Famous Amos

Today I saw a picture my cousin put on her fb page, it's the Chocolate Chip cookies ala Famous Amos .... naaammm .... This is my favourite cookies .....
I asked for the recipe and she gave it to me ..... voila ..... here they are

delicious .... thank you sweet cousin for sharing the recipe .....loving it .

The boys go back and forth for another piece of the cookies ....

It looks like I will be making this a lot

Friday, 7 June 2013

Baby Girl Owl Hat

Not so long time ago, a friend of mine has just gave birth to a baby girl and I decided to make a small gift for the baby.  It's an Owl Hat which is very popular lately.

I used Miami Novita yarn.

Craft Fair in Helsinki, 4-6 May 2013

Last month in Helsinki there was a Craft Fair, and I just had to go and see. Luckily my husband was able to take me there, and at the same time and place there was also the Children's Show, so the boys were having a good time as well.

I found the book Virkkuri, wich was written by Molla Mills a very hip crocheter in Finland.  At first I browse through her book as it is in Finnish and was not sure if I would be able to understand it, but surprisingly it was very easy to understand and follow so I bought the book and also got the signature in it.  She happened to be at the craft show.  What a beautiful woman she is .... and the same time there was also another writer Elina Hiltunen who wrote the Amigurumi abc which is very cute.  They are both very nice people, love meeting them both .....

and here are the books that I bought at the craft show
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Crochet Amigurumi abc by Elina Hiltunen

These 2 books of crochet and knit blocks, flowers, etc

I was very pleased to get these books at the Craft Fair.

First Day

This is my first day of post in this blog, have been thinking of doing this for quiet a long time ... but there is always something that stop me from doing it.

I may not good at blogging all the things I made all this time, but will definitely try to write it here.
There are a lot of craft blogs that really inspires me to make things, especially crochet.  I am into crochet since I move to Finland in 2003 when I got married.  While I don't know anyone when I first arrive, I was pregnant after one month married.  And I just got to do something, so I started to crochet again when I saw some yarn and hooks.

I bought many books and yarns, about crochet and knitting I did for sometime got the cross-stitch bug but that didn't last long ... to fiddly for me when I have to change thread every now and then.

I hope this will be a beginning for my blogging life and will make new friends along the way .....